This is my wall. I just finished it and I am so tired! haha. I’m satisfied though(:

I’ve been working on my wall for the past days. I’ve been cutting out letters and stuff to make the quote, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” - Saint Agustine. It’s going under my big world map! I’m almost done and I’m really excited c: haha I’ll take a picture once I’m done with it!

Hey travelers! I’m on the bus to Boston to visit my brother. They have wifi in here! Is that even possible hahaha

Hi, I’m Belleza and the airport is my home.

I want to go to Iceland so bad.

I want to go to North Dakota so bad to go to Yellowstone National Park to see the famous geysers :( Like I’m dreaming of it. asdfhalksjdh

And I want to go to El Paso, Texas to see that fake Prada store in the middle of nowhere.

We have these family friends that went on a 17 day road trip across the south. They visited a horse ranch in Kentucky, and a cow farm in Indiana. They went to many other places. Next year they’re planning on going to the midwest to go to South and North Dakota for Yellowstone National Park and Mt. Rushmore.

Do you even understand how jealous I am of them omg

I’d die to do something like that. It sounds so great. I love traveling so much. And I really want to go to Kentucky, Indiana, and Yellowstone National Park.


Everytime I go to the airport, I tell my mom I wish I lived there and she looks away confused on why this girl is her child.

Sometimes i wonder how life is like some places other than where i’m from, where i live, and around here. Like in the village where tribes live. For example, Papua New Guinea, up far in Alaska or Russia where the Eskimos live, and in the Mayan mountains of Mexico.

Just far away from this city to see how people survive in places nothing like the homes we’re from in which we’re completely spoiled.

I’m in the mood to just fly. To anywhere. Get on a plane headed to who knows where. Somewhere far away from here. That will give me memories to last for a lifetime.

I finally bought the world map I was looking for! Do you know how happy I am omg alkjshfauskdhf im putting it up on the wall and ill pin every single place ive been too (:

An adventure has begun!

I think it’s really interesting that more people go surfing when there’s a hurricane.

Because of the hurricane, NYC shut down all transportation services so I could only imagine how many people will be coming to church today.

Hurricane Irene has finally passed, well half way. But either way, I hope everyone is safe!

As for me, I’m safe. It didn’t hit me badly. Just a big wind storm. But not to much damage. But around other parts of New York, it flooded big. Thank God I’m safe.