5.8 earthquake on the east coast and absolutely everybody updates their facebook and tumblr.

Nobody will ever understand my excitement for traveling the world when I grow up. It’s been my dream and I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s going to be so great.

I cannot wait to travel the world. I cannot. This is the biggest dream of mine.

Hey ya’lllllllllllll I’m back from camp (:

I miss it so much already. It’s one of the things I look forward to every year so it sucked so much coming home. Well, next year I plan on staying the whole summer. Can’t wait for that!


I’ll be leaving to camp tomorrow morning at 7am. In the meantime Alyssa will be guarding this blog as usual, she’s a part of mainroute haha. Alyssa will also be at Atlantic City, New Jersey from tomorrow until the 8th. I set up a queue with many great pictures for while I’m gone and it should go off around 2-10pm. I hope you like it! I’ll be back next Saturday, so see you guys then!

My dad’s going to LA in about 3 hours so I’m going to drop him off at the airport with my family at 10:30. Aw I love the airport c:

Then tomorrow, I’m off to camp! I think I’ll set a queue. I’ll be back the following saturday. 

i went to the craft store and i saw a poster rack. they sold three types of maps! this decorative one where the ocean was silver, and the land was black. then the two regular geographic maps. one was small, the other was large. i was going to get the large geographic map for my room, and then i looked for it and they were all out. i was so sad omg well when i do get my map, im going to put a pin on every single place ive been to. its going to be fun haha.

i havent been on vacay with my parents in SO long 

i hope we can go on a little trip before summer ends this year!

airplane food is good

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Birthday America!

Happy Independence Day!

hahahha idk whichever you want to call it. but i hope everyone who lives in America had a wonderful July fourth celebration, barbeque, staying at home, hanging out, whatever. because i know i had a great one. i went canoeing and then we went bowling, i’m so tired but it was all worth it. now i hear the fireworks going off outside and i love fireworks so much. i hope next year we’ll be able to set some off, or atleast be able to see it perfectly at a park or something.

but if you don’t live in america, well then i hope you had a great day, nonetheless!

maybe ill work at the united nations when i grow up

that consists of a lot of traveling and research and hospitality and a good pay

oh my gosh so i’ve been begging my parents to buy me this map

but its $34 and we’re kinda in debt right now so my parents were like um

i told them i really want it ugh and i even have a reserved spot on my wall for it so they should get it for me once we’re back on budget but my dad just laughed

nobody takes me seriously in this house

im going to the airport to drop my dad off because hes going to north carolina until saturday

why cant i go with him

my dads going to north carolina tmrw bcus he has to speak about New York and how its like to the people at a church

he barely knows anything about New York what is he even going to say well he is making a powerpoint of picures from new york

aw man i wish i could go with him i’d have a lot to say ive always wanted to go on like mission trips thats be cool

well atleast im dropping him off at the airport tmrw morning, i excited :-)

speaking of airports i just heard a plane pass by

i wish i could be going on a trip :(