i’m probably not going anywhere big this year for vacation :(

my family’s pretty broke atm and trying hard to pay off debts

the only places ill probably go to is camp and little road trips

hey its something

but one day ill get to go to california (-:

wow i really really am in the mood to go parasailing

just last year i found out las vegas was in nevada

half my life ive been lied to and made to believe it was in california

am i the only one

you know whats funny

in manhattan you can automatically tell whos from NY and whos not

idk its weird

some really weird things i like


  • airports
  • airplanes
  • going on a road trip at the break of dawn
  • mountains
  • weather on the mountains

my last trip

as for road trip was to suffolk county long island does that even count???

i really want to get out of state

we havent done so in a while

probably to hawaii or california my big wish atmĀ 

my dream trip?


hi its belleza

i plan to travel the world when i grow up

i hope to make it happen

its my dream